A warm welcome to Indie Authors World, where publishing dreams become a reality.

You could say that Indie Authors World is a self-publishing service – but we don’t just deal in printing and production. We deal in transformations.

Indie Authors World exists to support independent writers of all ages, experience and genres, to transform their manuscripts into the best book possible. We do it because we believe that publishing great books that really sell has the power to change lives for the better: not just for the authors themselves, but for readers, and for the wider community around us.

We know that becoming a published author is a big deal: we’ve been there ourselves. Becoming a successful published author – whatever your definition of success – is an even bigger one (and yes, we’ve been there too). We’re here to help you to define success on your own terms, and to publish the book that will deliver it.

For us, success means creating an impact. We believe every book can make a positive difference in the lives of the people it touches: its author; its readers; the writing community and beyond. We believe so strongly in the transformational power of authorship that we donate a proportion of our time and a share of our profits from every book to our community project, Calum’s Legacy – so when you publish with us, your book will create an even wider impact by contributing directly to creating publishing opportunities for young people in Scotland.

From your first free consultation, to publication and beyond, our team and our supportive authors’ community are on hand every step of the way. Cheerleading and encouragement, expert advice and impartial opinions are all part of the package; available whenever you need them the most.

Whether you’re new to publishing, or an experienced author looking for a new publishing partner, we work with writers of all ages and backgrounds to take the headache out of self-publication. We transform your aspirations into quality books that deliver the impact you want to see.

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Buy 'A New Hope' from Calum's Legacy

A New Hope book on a table in a bookshop

At Indie Authors World we are looking for stars. You don't need to have multi-million books sales to be a star author. At IAW our stars make an impact on the life of the people who read their books and the community beyond.

Come join us and become an Indie Authors World star.

IAW is not only a self-publishing service, it is also a community of authors.

Our community is at the heart of everything we do. We have a fantastic group of friendly, supportive people who are a vital part of what IAW offers.

Join our community and meet new friends.

In April 2019 we began a search for young writers. The idea was to give them a chance to see the publishing process at work and give them the opportunity to have their voice heard in the form of a book. Five young people undertook the programme. After overcoming the challenges of the COVID pandemic we have finally produced that book. You can buy A New Hope here.

Meet the team

Sinclair Macleod


Sinclair Macleod is the Amazon Top Ten-selling author of seven self-published crime novels. He has sold over 120,000 books in eight countries around the world.
Sinclair is our Techie Guru, he has a host of technical experience in IT, Web Design and all aspects of publishing. His knowledge and experience are put it to great use producing top of the range books for you too. He is always pushing the technology to the limits to achieve better results and is the one to ask for all your technical publishing questions.

Picture of Kim Macleod


Kim Macleod is also an Indie author of best selling book ‘From Heartbreak To Happiness’, which tells a very personal and uplifting story of coping with adversity.

We always say that Sinclair is technical while Kim is mental!  She blends her NLP, happiness and positive psychology expertise with self publishing know how to provide a great balance to our training. Kim brings her enthusiasm and positivity to Indie Authors World to help you to achieve great results, keep you motivated and encouraged. She takes the lead on training, coaching, marketing and generating ideas. (which usually means more work for Sinclair!)



From £1999
  • When you need a simple professional service.


From £2499
  • When you want an online launch for your book plus a marketing starter kit.


From £3999
  • When you want a VIP book service with strategy consultations and a marketing plan to launch your book with a bang.

Premium plus

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  • Everything in Premium plus specific marketing done for you.

Our values


We believe in professional self-publishing. We help you to produce a book that sits well beside those from traditional publishers.


We guarantee that you will keep 100% of your royalties. You only pay us for the work we do.


We will support and encourage you every step of the way, from formatting through to marketing.


We build friendships between our authors and ourselves, and create a network of authors willing to help each other.