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  Publishing a book is possibly as frightening as actuaĺy writing it, although without the creative control! Working with Kim and Sinclair Macleod took care of the process completely. As published authors they do know exactly how it all feels and can guide you through the whole system until you have your own book in your hand. I am working with them again for my next novel. Everything about what they do is both professional and creative. 

Karin Finegan

  I cannot recommend Indie Authors World more highly even if I tried. I have published 3 books with them now, with another one (or maybe even 2) on the way. I love the people there, the business, their honesty, help and knowledge. As someone that is dyslexic I never thought I’d have write one book, let alone the amount i have now. They are a great support, you get 100% of the royalties and they are a pleasure to work with. Do it, write that book and do it with them… you will not regret it!  

Faith Canter

  Over the last few months I have had the pleasure of working with Kim and Sinclair at Indie Authors World to publish my latest book. They have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable and have made the whole experience a pleasure to be part of. Yesterday, I got to read from my book at the Indie Authors Cafe in Waterstones, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow and meet other writers. If you are thinking of self publishing your book and don’t know what to do and how to do it, try Indie Authors World and soon you will find your book in print 

Andrew Marsh

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  I wholeheartedly recommend Indie Authors World. Kim and Sinclair have guided me through the process of getting my first book – A Better Organised Home in 30 Days – published. It simply wouldn’t have happened without their help and I greatly appreciate their expertise and support 

Kate Galbally

A better organised home in 30 days cover
Permission to Shine Cover


  Working with Indie Authors World has been so enjoyable – their personal touch and genuine warm hearted support has made publishing my first book seem a lot less scary – I am thrilled with the result and ready to go again! 

Bernadette Petrie

  Deep gratitude is always felt when I think of Kim and Sinclair. Without them and their dedication and attention to detail, my 1st book – which was a charity fundraiser – may not have become a reality! They will make your dreams come true… 

Jo Turner

The cover of Cards From the Edge
The cover of Don't Take My Advice

  So much support and help from Kim and Sinclair, and a great community to be in as we all make our writing dreams come true 

Maggie Wood


  The human touch. Friendly, accessible and highly professional 

Bob Hastings

Cover of Mike and the Microscopic Aliens

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