Do you have a business? Hands up if would like to write a book? 

Ok so I can’t see your hands, but I reckon if you are still reading then you have thought about it. Maybe it’s been a long-held dream that you will do it one day when you have time.  There are lots of reasons to write a book but if you haven’t made it a priority then maybe you don’t know the impact your book could have on your business.

What if your book could help grow your personal brand, build your business, increase your visibility, bring new clients and more income?  What if your book was the one that everyone was recommending?  What would that mean to you?

Here are 7 real examples of ways that books are having a positive impact and building business for the authors.


If you are a coach how do you stand out among other coaches?  Having your own book elevates your status, it gives you an opportunity to share your expertise in your own voice and helps build your platform.  Jen Wilson’s book – Become a Warrior Woman is doing just that for her business. This book offers clients an easy way to start working with Jen.  It was also the catalyst to start her Warrior Woman podcast series opening more doors and opportunities for collaboration, growing her audience and her business.


Books help you to share your expertise with a wider audience.  Alisoun Mackenzie’s book Give to Profit has built her reputation as an expert in growing your business by supporting charities and social causes.  Her passion for doing good in the world is having a huge impact, she has grown her global speaking platform and is the go-to person for business owners who want to have a social impact as well as profit.  She has created a Business of Good conference in Edinburgh (April 2019) drawing speakers and business owners from all around the world.


Your book allows you to speak to your audience in a way that works for them.  Jennifer Gunn’s book – The Dog With Not One F*%k To Give is a humorous stress management book written with military and police personnel in mind. Jennifer has worked with both high-stress groups and knew that talking about your emotions was not an easy thing in these tough environments. Offering a fun way to talk about how many f*%ks you have to give could maybe even help save a life.


Derek Niven (pen name for John McGee) has combined his love of football with his genealogy business to create a popular series of books that tell the family histories of football players and managers.   Pride of the Lions about the Celtic football Lisbon Lions team and Pride of the Jocks about Scotland team managers are proving to be big sellers but these books have also generated new genealogy clients – a double bonus.


Alison Spencer was offering career coaching and CV writing services when she realised she could share her knowledge in a book.  Creating Your Classic Career has given her a low-cost product to sell and give her a new audience to work with.  Parents are buying it for their teenagers so providing workshops and talks to schools was a natural progression.


How do you help more people if your business offers a one to one service?  As a wedding celebrant, Jane Patmore had this dilemma before she wrote Celebrate Your Love.  There are only so many days available to provide her unique services so offering couples ideas and sharing case studies in a book not only raises her profile, it also gives her something to sell at wedding fairs.


Books are also a great escape from our day to day lives.  After many years of half-finished projects, Sinclair Macleod decided that finishing one book to be dedicated in memory of our son Calum was his focus.  The Reluctant Detective became a best seller, he followed this with seven other crime fiction books and grew an audience who love his books.  That success led to our publishing business Indie Authors World helping other writers to publish their books.  Who knew that writing fiction could offer a new business opportunity?


What will you write about?  Will you share your passion to help others?  Can you offer a solution to a problem?  Your expertise and experience can make a difference in the world. People love stories so create your own.

Whatever you write about you need to start writing.  You can’t edit a blank page.  Commit to making an impact with your words.  Start today with small articles and blog posts to develop your own style that suits your audience.  Start and finish your book – the world is waiting.

Set your intention to write and publish your book in 2019.  Surround yourself with people who will encourage, support you and keep you on track.  Imagine adding published author to your profile, now that would be a great achievement for you and your business.

Indie Authors are the Rebel Alliance

Last month, I (Kim) attended the Publishing Scotland annual book trade conference.  It was a very interesting event – I experienced a full range of emotions from blood boiling rage to cheering optimistically on the sidelines.

Keynote speaker Andrew Franklin, MD of Profile Books described self-publishing authors as a weakness as he explored a SWOT analysis of the publishing industry. In his words “all self publishing is dross as they don’t do what we (real publishers) do! They don’t edit, design good covers, layout book interiors properly or market their books.  In fact – they all would love to be published by you guys (real publishers).”  Yes you guessed this is the point my blood was boiling!

Professional Indie writers know full well what is required to publish a book.  SO yes Andrew – we do all of the above and more.  Not only that but we do it with limited budgets but we often produce a much better result than some of the “real guys”.

Publishing Scotland, Chief Exec’s opening remarks were “publishing needs to explore new ways of doing business”.  So why are Indie’s seen as a weakness?  Are we really still viewed as a joke and somehow belittling the world of books?

Industry figures suggest that the average adult in the UK only buys 2 books a year and we have a high rate of illiteracy (17%) among our population. If this is true then the work of top professional Indie Author Stuart Reid should be applauded.  Stuart takes his fun loving workshops to schools as he encourages kids to read books.  His Reading Rocks events have captured the imagination of kids,teachers and parents. His entrepreneurial approach allows him to earn a living while playing his part in improving literacy rates.


Mr Franklin, is one of the industry dinosaurs who has no understanding of the quality of the work being produced by professional Indie Authors.  Not only that – he is delusional to think that all authors want a publishing deal.
The author is the heart of our business – was a repeated theme at the conference.  Yet there was only one author speaking as part of a panel at the conference.  That author was Scottish crime writer, Lin Anderson, who spoke in defence of self publishing.  She is a hybrid author – who has both traditional and self-published works.  She raised a very valid point about author earnings.  The average earnings of a writer in the UK is £11,000 a year.  This is well below the living wage!  Lin gets paid every month from her self-published work – money straight into her bank account.  She needs to eat too and even ALDI don’t work on I’ll pay you when my publisher decides that royalties will be paid.

So Mr Franklin – please explain why would I want a publishing deal?

A highlight of the conference was the presentation by Steve Bohme of Nielsen.  I would never have guessed that “The Key Retail Market Trends 2014/15” would have me laughing and cheering.  (No, I never had any alcohol before this.)  You will have to wait until next month to get some of the figures from the content of the presentation but Steve pulled off a fab floor show.  Bookwars VI – A New Hope was the title and he used the Star Wars theme really well to explain the current state of the industry.

Good news for all Indie Authors out there – we were seen as the good guys!  We are the Rebel Alliance who are challenging and defeating the Imperial forces (the traditional book world).  In fact self-published books sales have increased to 22% of the UK eBook market and are helping to generate growth in book sales worldwide.

So we maybe aren’t such a weakness in the system after all!