Frequently Asked Questions

We like the term Independent (Indie) Author to describe the writers who choose to self publish their books. It’s something to be proud of, taking action and complete control of your book.

You might (and we really hope you do) but how much money you make depends on a number of different factors :-

  • How big is the market for your book?
  • Is your book well written and professionally edited?
  • Have you got an eye-catching cover?
  • What is the production cost for your book – both Ebook and Print?
  • Where will you sell it – online and /or in book stores?
  • What price can you sell it for?
  • How much time and resources can you dedicate to marketing your book?

We don’t promote a get rich quick scheme. If you are here because you want to write a book in a weekend and make a million on Kindle then you are in the wrong place!

Indie Authors World helps you to produce a professional book and market that book to your readers and then repeat this as often as you want. We can’t give you any guarantees on how many books you will sell or how much money you will make.

Our expertise will help you to work out what profit could be in your book.

We do guarantee that we will give you our full support to help you succeed and celebrate with you at every opportunity.

No, and we don’t like the term vanity press anyway – here’s why. If you are an artist or a musician are you vain because you want to show your talents to the world? Is there any other industry where you create a product, invest your time and energy into making it the best you can, then sell it to people who you think would benefit from it, only to be told that it’s vanity to do it yourself!

You don’t need an agent or the publishing gatekeepers to tell you it’s OK to publish your book.  Your readers will tell you if they like it or not. Self-Publishing is one route to get your book to your readers.

First we want to encourage you to believe that you can do this. If you are proud of your book then it deserves to be read.

We have our excellent Bookcamp training programme that can teach you how to do it for yourself.  The course offers great value as you get lots of training and support from us as well as the other Indie Authors in our community. If you are looking for a faster turnaround and want a really professional book then we can produce this for you too with our publishing services.

No – and this is how we differ from some other self-publishing service companies.  But let us explain why :-

  • We help you to be in complete control of your book. Buying your own ISBNs, setting up your own accounts to sell your Ebooks and print-on-demand paperbacks.
  • This means that you keep ALL of your earnings (royalties) from your book.  Other services who offer you an ISBN and then provide printed books will retain some control over your book and will take a percentage of your royalties which may be 50%.

This is the International Standard Book Number that is unique to each version of your book – Ebook and Paperback. Each country has an agency that controls and issues the numbers.

If you don’t own your ISBNs – your book is not fully within your control.

Yes, we know just how important marketing is to your book sales – we include the first stages of marketing within our Bookcamp training programme.

When we first started publishing, it took us about a year before we began to crack how to market and start selling books, so we know that it’s a concern for almost every author.

There will be a new book marketing coaching programme coming very soon that is going to be amazing.  If you want to know how to build your author’s profile, use social media, podcasts, blogs, PR, video and so much more then this is for you.  This is going to be extra special because we will be joining forces with some great experts and making connections with our community.

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Editing and proof-reading is vital to a professionally produced book. We have a number of editors and proof-readers that we can put you in contact with.  Your book will certainly benefit from using their services.  Get in touch and tell us about your book and we’ll point you in the right direction.