Angel Messages from the Heart Nebula – Lydia Anne Mitchell Ph. D.


Would you like to meet four Angels?

Do you feel like a bit of loving support would go
a long way in your decision making?

Wrap yourself in the words and thoughts of
four Angels from the Heart Nebula.

They each have their own point of view to add for creating a world that works in a more loving way on Mother Earth.

Save the Earth in your own way and your own time. Learn meditations to shift your life and create a loving freedom for the Earth and those she nurtures. 

You can read the book in sequence or use this as a book of quotes and ideas. Each page has some magic to it. 

If you feel the time has come for you to expand –
this book is for you!

Otherworldly and practical are two words I never expected would share a sentence, yet ‘Angel Messages from the Heart Nebula’ successfully combines both. Lydia’s angel guides offer heartfelt wisdom and sustenance for anyone feeling the calling to raise their frequency and support Mother Earth.

Andrea Gardner, Author of Change your Words Change your World

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