Any Broken Biscuits? – David Mcclure



Any Broken Biscuits? tells the story of David’s experience of growing up in Lanarkshire in the Fifties. As part of a large family, life was never dull for the young lad.

David, his friends and family didn’t have a lot, so they made their own entertainment. They created their own games, found mischief, visited relatives and attended Sunday school. Best of all was the idyllic summer holidays spent on a farm in Aberdeenshire.

It was a life of innocence, laughter and joy surrounded by great characters like the ‘Oul Man’, ‘Benachie Mam’ and the ladies of the bakery who frequently heard the plaintive cry “Any Broken Biscuits?”.

This is a book for those who remember those simpler times and the happiness it brought.

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