A Break for Julie – Terry H. Watson



A Break for Julie is the second Julie Sinclair Novella


In this second novella, Julie Sinclair once more finds herself unwittingly involved in helping to solve a mysterious theft on the other side of the world. An unexpected holiday in Australia changes a carefree break into an upsetting occurrence for her host and family. Julie, in detective mode and with her inquisitive mind, becomes yet again an unintentional sleuth.

What mystery lurks behind a young backpacking couple? Max, a confident hardworking student, throws himself into the life of a vacationing worker on an Australian ranch, while his companion Val causes Julie to believe that all is not well. 

What secrets are these young people concealing? Is Julie’s gut feeling way off track, or is she about to solve a distressing crime? 

Praise for A Case for Julie

Have you ever had a cake that was delicious, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on which ingredients made it so? A Case for Julie is just such a confection. This novella is part Murder She Wrote with just a pinch of a thriller thrown in and all stirred up with the exceptionally unique voice of this author. 

Rebecca Forster, USA Today & Amazon bestselling author

A Break for Julie should re-engage readers of the first novella, A Case for Julie, with friends, Maggie, Liz, and the incorrigible postmistress, Jessica Morris.

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