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Cleanse is the complete guide to nourishing and nurturing your body and mind.

Are you tired of feeling tired, sick of being sick and frustrated with feeling stuck? Just because others feel the same this doesn’t have to be your norm. You don’t have to just get on with it!
In this powerful holistic detox program for mind, body and soul Faith shares simple techniques for creating a healthier, happier and more harmonious way of being.  This program gives you the tools to cleanse your life on every level.
Having lived this program herself and recovered from many different health ailments Faith understands the importance of supporting mind, body and soul side-by-side when embarking on any sort of detox.  This is the sustainable way to make long term changes in life.
Discover how to…

  • Create a meditation practice to bring harmony, health and happiness to your life
  • Tap/Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) your way to the life you dream of
  • Easily make and incorporate fermented foods into your diet
  • Clean up the digestive system for better mental and physical health
  • Make easy, quick and healthy meals  that won’t blow your budget
  • Create your very own First-Aid Kit for living a healthy and happy life

Learn to nourish and nurture yourself on every level and see your life change.

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