Dear Lightworker – Esther Cowdery



Lightworkers have the tremendous gift of curing with  their hearts and high-vibrational energy. 

When Esther Cowdery opened her heart to being a Light-worker she realised she had to work through her own pain, transform her negative conditioning and step into the light. 

Dear Lightworker, is a moving collection of beautifully illustrated poems written during the author’s own journey of self-healing and self-accountability. Esther shares her steps towards claiming her true path as a love-driven being in the world.  Through an eradication of trauma and self-doubt, the author has found her own role as an energetic healer in the world. She hopes that you can do the same. 

  • – Do you love to love?
  • – Do you doubt your truth?
  • – Do you feel shame?
  •  – Do you fear you are not enough?
  •  -Do you want to do good in the world? 

In order to unravel the unconditional love that lives inside of you, you must beam light as brightly as you can on your own shadow side. 

‘Take heart, Dear Lightworker, you are here to raise the frequency of the planet. The path is yours to create and there are others for which your message will resonate.’ 

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