Death of a King – Seoras Wallace



The life and legend of William Wallace as never before told…

William’s early life was marred by the death of his mother Brìghde during the birth of his brother “Wee John”.  His father  Sir Alain Wallace sent his sons to be raised by his uncle Malcolm, Chief bodyguard to Queen Yolande and confidante to the King of Scotland, ‘Glorious” Alexander III.  

But although this tragic start opened up new opportunities for a noble education in Law, Arts, History, languages and Religion from an early age, William dreamed of life as a hunter in the great forests of Galloway. 

At the wedding of his young brother, the opportunity arises for William to be reunited with his estranged father and return to his childhood home in Glen Afton. There he lived life as a freeman, master hunter and Royal bowmen in the vast Wolf and Wildcat forests of Carrick, Galloway and Ettrick.  He discovers some of the history of the clan and the daring deeds of courage that are a hallmark of the Wallace name.

But the dark clouds of political intrigue and civil war will soon appear on the horizon and drag young Wallace into a series of events that will change his life, and the course of world history… forever. 

This fictional tale, taken from many credible sources, but most of all, from the traditional family Seannachaidh (Storyteller) has been passed down the generations of the family Wallace, recalled from eyewitness accounts by those of the who took part in the actual events…

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