From Everything to Nothing and Back – Mairi Speirs



From Everything to Nothing and Back is a story of family stretching across continents.

What happened to the women who were forced to give up their children for adoption in the 1960s?
The 15th of November is here again. With every passing year, this painful date burns at Nadia’s very core. In her late sixties, she sits alone in a café in London, looking out at the driving rain so often
associated with the British winters.
The pain is usually safely stored in her brain, but not today. It still aches like there’s no tomorrow. Because on the 15th November, 1960, her core was ripped from inside her – both literally and metaphorically. She could never have anticipated how very far she would fall from grace.
Follow Nadia’s heart-wrenching story from her idyllic childhood growing up in Ceylon to the depths of despair in a hostel in London, and why she can never forget that fateful day – November 15.

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