From Heartbreak to Happiness – Kim Macleod


From Heartbreak to Happiness is a story of tragedy, grief, hope, resilience and ultimately happiness.

Rarely do I come across a book that is so moving, inspiring, and sings so loudly about the power of kindness and compassion to lift the human spirit and unite people in a common goal. This is such a book. I could not put it down from the moment I opened it.
Dr David R. Hamilton PhD. (Author of Kindness Is Good For You)
“This is one of the most powerful and profoundly moving books I’ve ever read. Kim’s story is heartbreaking but also deeply inspiring and full of hope and warmth.
Mark Williamson PhD. MBA (Director, Action For Happiness)
What if your worst nightmare came true? If you were stuck in the depths of despair could you find a way out and feel happy again?
Kim Macleod’s worst nightmare did come true. She lost her 12 year old son Calum to meningitis. The shock, despair and grief of her blackest days are here but so is Kim’s journey back to happiness and how she went on to help others create happiness in their lives.
In this inspirational story of resilience, she shares how she used her knowledge of NLP, positive psychology and alternative therapies to rebuild her life. This book is filled with honest emotion, her practical ideas for coping with loss and finding ways to help heal the hole grief created in her heart.
With uplifting stories of kindness, courage and inspiration as well as your own Bag of Happiness kit, it is a book not only for bereaved parents but for anyone needing hope that life can be happier.


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