The Fugitive Chemist – Dr. Abedawn Khalaf



The Fugitive Chemist, Dr. Abedawn Khalaf’s life story, is a remarkable tale of adventure, danger, love and achievement.

It starts with the struggles of his early life in Iraq and subsequent  journey to Scotland to study at Dundee University, where he met his wife Carol. Financial hardship meant they had to go to Iraq with their two children.

Violence put all their lives at risk and Carol decided she could take it no more and returned to her homeland with the children. Dr. Khalaf had to escape the regime of Sadaam Hussein, by journeying through some of the most dangerous terrain in the world.

His work in Scotland as an academic is ground-breaking and may have an incredible impact on medicine in the future.

This is a truly epic tale of an amazing man, his incredible wife and their family.

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