Grave Consequences – Sinclair Macleod



Grave Consequences is the fourth novel in the Russell and Menzies series

Death calls from beyond the grave

In the shadow of the great monuments of Glasgow Necropolis a young woman’s body is found. There is no obvious cause of death but she has been laid out in a funereal pose wearing a Victorian wedding dress and holding a white rose in her hand.
For Detective Inspector Alex Menzies the case represents another challenge. Not only in finding the killer but in dealing with an increasingly distant and disturbed boss.
Detective Superintendent Tom Russell is still haunted by the murder of his ex-wife, and realises that the person he once was is slipping away.
As tensions rise between the two detectives, a second body is found in similar circumstances. A serial killer or a copycat? Either way the two detectives must put aside their personal problems before there are further grave consequences.

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