The Guardians of the Athame – Claire Hastie


The Guardians of the Athame is the first Blackhill Manor book.

There is evil magic at the heart of the forest

A secret school hidden in the deep forests of Northern Ireland is protected by an ancient powerful magic. But an evil presence lurks in the forest. A portal to another dark realm was cracked and sinister energy is leaking through, killing everything that surrounds it.
The group of eleven special children of Blackhill Manor face a race against time to develop their magical powers, and stop the destruction from spreading. Will Magnus Scully, the Edgar twins and their mythical animal guides make the grade?
They will need the power of an ancient dagger called the Athame. The crystals that power it are missing and they must be found.
Can twelve-year-old Luna Green lead the new Guardians of the Athame to find the missing crystals in time to protect the world from the Shadow Walkers and the darkness that will be unleashed?

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