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Inheritance is the second novel in the Russell and Menzies series.

The urge to kill is an evil legacy

A dismembered body is found in a peaceful loch. The police discover it is Gregg Wright, the son of the leader of one of Glasgow’s most notorious criminal organisations. With the realisation, Detective Superintendent Tom Russell and Detective Inspector Alex Menzies dread the prospect of a renewed war between two of the city’s most violent gangs.
Tensions rise between the criminal elements as the killer remains free and no one on the streets knows who is responsible. Russell and Menzies look to the victim’s father and business acquaintances for possible suspects in a desperate attempt to stop reprisals escalating out of control. Meanwhile, their bosses are getting nervous and pile on the pressure to see the case resolved as quickly as possible.
When the victim’s wife is found, another possible motive is discovered. Is the case related to organised crime or does the reason lie in something else equally dark? The detectives and their team discover the horrible truth but can they stop the killer committing one final atrocious act?

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