Innocent Death – Craig Simpson

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Innocent Death sees the return of private detective Steve Donaldson.

P.I. Steve Donaldson is approached by Claire Monroe to take her case ” ON A NEED TO KNOW BASIS” Steve refuses her, then witnesses her death by a hit and run.
Instinct tells him it was no accident, but Steve does nothing until six months later when an attempt is made on his own life.  He then starts further investigations into Claire Monroe and other deaths that occur which are all connected and enlists the help of Lieutenant Stuart Chandler of NYPD, who only becomes involved after his Department is instructed by an unknown higher authority to cease all investigations into the murders.
There is a trail which leads to the Pentagon and a Decorated General who is full of ambition and has an appetite for ultimate power and who would stop at nothing to fulfil his own ends.
Steve has to expose him and although threatened has a trump card up his sleeve which he can only play in the final showdown.

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