Jigsaw – Craig Simpson



Jigsaw is a detective novel in the tradition of the classic age of Aerican crime fiction.

NEW YORK, 1958. The festive season is on the way. Private Investigator Steve Donaldson is employed to trace a young woman. An attractive and wealthy client pays him $2,000 up front, in cash, but he must proceed on ‘a need to know basis.’ His only clues are a photograph of Nicky, the name Gina and a telephone number. Steve’s life changes dramatically as he is accused of crimes he didn’t commit and he is forced to become a fugitive. He discovers a connection to the rich and influential Rosenberg family and a certain group of Italian New Yorkers who have their own reasons to find the young woman. Twists of jealousy, greed and revenge combine to create a jigsaw puzzle, but with another player in the pack, time is running out for Steve to solve the mystery and clear his name.

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