Journey into the Feminine – Esther Cowdery



This collection of empowering poetry focusing on the female voice is for the aspiring strong woman who is capable of having all that the masculine world has to offer and so much more!  

You can have the career, the achievements and the money but also nurturing loving relationships, and a sense of community and connection that are so crucial to the feminine soul. 

In the style of Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey, and the incredible work of Elizabeth Gilbert and Brené Brown on the power of owning one’s own voice and being vulnerable.
The message of the book is: 

– it is OK to be vulnerable

– it is OK to be emotional

– it is OK to have love as a goal

– it is OK to just ‘be’  

Beginning with a questioning and insecure voice, the poems reflect the author’s own personal journey from a willpower-driven career in finance towards discovering her own sense of strength and security through accepting her vulnerability and feminine desires.

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