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Lose weight and keep it off.

You’ve tried all the quick fix diets. You stuck to them for a few weeks, lost weight and then put it all back on again. Don’t you wish you could find an easy way to quit the yo-yo dieting and stay slim for good? Are you ready to try a different approach?
Imagine your life without the worry about your weight, without panicking every time you open your wardrobe to look for something to wear. Imagine you are already at your ideal weight and there is no stress in maintaining it. This book can get you there.
Inside is a common sense plan which will show you how to achieve long term weight loss that genuinely stays off. This cognitive behavioural approach to losing weight has worked so well for me and the groups of people I have supported that I want to share it with you.
You can achieve and maintain your desired weight. You can easily slot my plan into your busy life and ensure lasting success. What have you got to lose?

What Heather’s clients think

“I do believe that this is a really realistic approach. It’s been really inspiring and motivating”

“CBT has helped me switch off my over-eating habits, giving me increased confidence and enthusiasm for life in general”

“great to lose weight gradually without dieting”

” a great way to get into the mind frame of losing weight”

“I think taking the time to look at why you eat rather than what you eat was very useful”

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