Living in 3D – Lorna Munro


Are you an addict? Yes? No? Maybe?

Are you living with the impact of addiction in your family?

Do you long for peace and a happier life?

Living in 3D is one woman’s story of how she sought refuge in anything that seemed to soothe her emotional, physical and mental pain. Like so many it was the unhealthy options like alcohol, cigarettes, substances and
sex that she turned to. 

Lorna Munro shares her journey as she slipped, stumbled, tripped and eventually fell at the gates of hell, believing that death was the best option.

Having tried to quit her addictions many times it was attending self-help groups that gave her insight into her own life. As she realised, she felt emotionally stunted, physically broken, mentally deranged and spiritually devoid she knew something had to change. 

Allowing others to mentor and guide her down a new path, she began an inner healing journey of discovery, understanding and forgiveness that would ultimately free her spirit, regain her power and heal her soul. 

Now living a healthy and happy life supporting others Lorna says: 

“It is my wish that you know that you are not alone on your journey through life.

I hope that by sharing my story you may gain insight into ways to make your lives bearable until you can reach and heal the spirit within you, find the answers you seek, and the solutions to help you enjoy a happy life.”

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