Living a Life Less Toxic – Faith Canter


The Whole Life Approach to Detoxifying Your Mind, Body, Home, and Environment.
Create a Happier, Healthier Life for You, Your Family and Our Planet.

When faced with a whole host of health conditions including M.E / chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and insomnia, Faith discovered how toxic her mind, body and life had become. With a few simple changes to her routine and environment, Faith’s health not only improved but sky-rocketed.
Since then she has gone on to help thousands of others do the same, in this book she reveals how you too can live a less toxic, happier life.

Discover inside:

  • Simple strategies for detoxing your mind, body, home and environment
  • How to live a simpler and happier life
  • The importance of cleaning up your digestive system for increased immunity & vitality
  • The healing power of nature and how to live in harmony with technology
  • Easy-to-make low budget recipes that are delicious and cleansing
  • Simple ways to make your own cleaning and cosmetic products… and more!

Within this book, Faith shows you how to return your body and mind to brilliant health. Less toxic living can be fun, easy and not as time-consuming as you may think.

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