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Achieve a healthier lifestyle with Loving Yourself Inside and Out.

Do you find it hard to make healthy choices for yourself, or to stick to the ones you do make?  Do you know you should eat better, move around more, and make more time for yourself – but you never do?  Do things feel like a struggle, and you are tired of fighting yourself and your life?
In Loving Yourself Inside & Out, health, wellness and self-love coach Faith Canter reveals how working on loving ourselves more allows all other areas of our life to flourish. Coming from a nutrition and detox background, she has noticed how much embracing the love of self has helped countless clients to become happier and healthier in their bodies, feel more abundant, have better relationships and love their lives more.
Faith explains: ‘Nothing has to change for you to become happier with where you are, other than you stop fighting yourself and your life. No new job, relationship, or home will do this for you; these only offer temporary, borrowed love, joy, and fulfilment. The only way to attain health and happiness permanently on every level is to nurture it from within. What happens then is that our outer environment follows suit because when we move from fear to love we stop fighting ourselves – and our lives, and life can’t fail to follow!’
Sharing some super-simple, yet incredibly powerful ways in which she and her clients have learned to love themselves and live in happier and healthier bodies, Faith’s latest uplifting book shows how we can all consciously create the changes we desire in our lives.

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