The Magical Tearoom on the Hill – Debra Murphy

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This is not just a recipe book it is Mother Murphy’s book where gluten free and dairy free recipes, tales and adventures come together to create magic. 

Everyone needs a special space to feel loved and nurtured where you can relax and let go of your worries and troubles.  Debra Murphy fulfilled her dream and created Mother Murphy’s tearoom as a place where people could find solace and healing, where gluten free and dairy free are the norm and not the exception. 

This little tearoom became a welcoming haven for the community with lots of laughter and a few tears shared over tea and cake. Friendships developed as people connected, told their stories and helped each other to solve problems and feel better.
It really was a magical tearoom. 

Now you can enjoy the warm and cosy feeling and get to know Debra, Mr M and
all the lovely people in the tearoom family. 

The Magical Tearoom on the Hill is a book to curl up with a cup of tea and slice of cake (that you can even bake yourself).   With a fabulous mix of stories to warm your heart and delicious gluten and dairy free recipes to create beautiful cakes and bakes. You too can create your own magical space. 

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