Midlife, Menopause and Me – Shiona Johnston


Midlife, Menopause and Me is the ‘must have’ book to sit on your bed-table and share with your girlfriends. 

Specialist midlife coach and speaker, Shiona Johnston, has been creating a storm and transforming the lives of menopausal women.  Empowering them with the knowledge and strength to
live their very best midlife. 

Shiona shares her story and those of other women to provide a framework for transforming midlife into what every woman most longs for: happiness, health and abundance. 

Managing the symptoms of menopause, the emotional and psychological changes that come with it can be difficult.  Shiona and her ‘muses’ provide amazing advice, lessons and practical support which promise to unleash our power and remind us that this is our time, to go all in and live our very best midlife.

The stories with challenges, triumphs and celebrations are refreshingly honest and real. It’s like sitting down with your best friend and spilling your heart out.

Use it to start difficult conversations with your boss or your partner, and to reassure yourself you are not invisible, and
you are certainly not alone!!

“This book is exactly what every woman needs”
Carolyn Paton, British Dietetic Association

It’s an invitation to join a sisterhood of wise women,”
Amy Simpson, Specialist Fertility And Hormonal Health Coach

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