Mooge: The Prehistoric Genius – Nate Grey (Illustrated by Helen Cochrane)



Next time you cycle home for your tea, think how different it would be in a world before wheels, tools, metal, clothes, buildings, plates, cooked food, or pets.

Welcome to the prehistoric world of Mooge!

A very, very long time ago, when mammoths roamed through lots of snow, life was hard for us humans. Well, it would be, because no one had bothered to invent or discover anything – not a jot! That is until Mooge, the prehistoric genius, came along. Did I say ‘genius’? Let’s just say he helped in his own way, inspiring his wife, Flair, to make the first inventions and discoveries.

Join Mooge and Flair for a series of inspiring and funny adventures as they help the human race get on its feet. A fantastic way to introduce children to prehistory and the origins of the things that shape our lives today.

Includes a timeline of the real story of the
prehistoric human journey, from tools to writing.

Contains over 80% of the Year 3 and 4 National Curriculum Spelling List.

Supporting learning activities and resources available on Mooge’s website:

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