An Ordinary Man’s Travels in an Extraordinary World – Jeff Brown

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Can we do a deal? 

If you buy An Ordinary Man’s Travels…, to help me raise money for meningitis research, I’ll take you around the world. What do you think?

I’ll take that as a maybe. For this world trip, you just need a comfortable seat and a glass of something good. We are aiming to reach every continent, but I am merely ordinary so don’t blame me if we don’t get past Calais. Although I do promise you a disappearing hostel, wrong trains, flashing Danes, dangerous animals, lost cities, a thoroughly distasteful but delightfully English sweepstake, murder on the Inca Trail, a death-defying comeback and so much more.

At the very least, read the seventh diary, as your life or something even more important, may depend on it.

I’m donating 80% of author royalties from this book to Meningitis Research Foundation. Updates on the amount raised and pictures from the events in this book are on my website.

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