Permission to Shine – Bernadette Petrie


A voice from deep inside me, a female voice, strong and certain, spoke only for a few seconds;

“Call out for help, call out for help now.”

In 2010 Bernadette Petrie was admitted to the Glasgow Priory, suffering from what doctors were calling a manic episode. It was day five of an intensive, emotional roller-coaster journey which had terrified Bernadette and left her mentally and physically exhausted. That evening, Bernadette, experienced what she refers to as a spiritual awakening, and so began her long, slow journey of recovery.

During her stay in the Priory, Bernadette began to paint flower doodles. She carried on producing these doodles over the following years, adding life-affirming messages which she published on Instagram and in her daily blog. Each flower doodle helped her to begin to love and cherish herself. Each flower doodle allowed her to step into her light and give herself permission to shine.

This book follows Bernadette’s journey, exploring 60 of her 277 flower-doodles and explains how they helped her rediscover the parts of her hiding in the dark, and in doing so, will help you on your own journey to give yourself permission to shine.

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