Pure Human City -Claire Miller



Pure Human City is a science fiction novella aimed at young adults.

After the Ordinary Settlement is visited by the mysterious “Organisation’, Kyle goes to the Library searching for information about Pure Oxygen Machines and the Pure Human City. His parents seem scared, and refuse to tell him anything about the machines or the city. They believe he should be content to be where he is and who he is, but he is determined to find out more. His search reveals a book called ‘The Origins of Paradise’ and what he reads has him desperate to go to the Pure Human City.
A few days later, he disobeys his parents and sneaks out of the Ordinary Settlement. He makes his way to the Pure Human City seeking more answers. The shocking truth he learns there has him racing back to find his parents, urgently needing to tell them what he has uncovered.

Will they listen to him? Will they believe him? What will he do next?

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