Roots for Growth – Anna Bell


“This is an invitation for you to listen to the voice inside that knows what story you want to write for yourself.” Anna Bell

Do you want a happier, peaceful and more contented life? 

When Anna’s husband Alan was diagnosed with MS three days before their wedding in 1997, she knew life wasn’t going to be what they had planned. But Anna’s whole-hearted belief is that each of us can find what we need from within, if we know how.  

In Roots for Growth, she openly shares deeply personal stories about growing through change, resilience, and mindful living. As well as her tried and tested techniques to bring more of the outcomes you want in life.

You will discover greater self-awareness and the hidden depths of your own strength as you connect with the stories, questions, and activities.  With Anna’s gentle guidance you will feel uplifted to embrace new positive practices and live a more mindful, fulfilled life. 

Anna Bell is a coach, trainer and mindfulness teacher. 

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