Scamper’s Find – Terry H. Watson

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Scamper’s Find is the second book of the Lucy Trilogy.

“Not many people noticed the bloodstain… it was as if time had forgotten the heinous murder.”

Following on from the events of Call Mama, a four-year-old unsolved crime continues to baffle law enforcement agencies in the USA. Suddenly, the investigation gets new momentum when an inquisitive dog and a stumbling cyclist start a peculiar chain of events across the Atlantic.
How are the two incidents connected?
Detectives Tony Harvey and Carole Carr join forces with overseas detectives in an attempt to bring an end to a perplexing and heart-wrenching atrocity.
Tony and Carole attempt to investigate an unusual crime which seems impossible to solve. How will things change when life-long friendships are formed and the investigation turns into something different? Will the entrance of Brody Cameron, a forensic scientist, bring new light to the investigation? What links a Scottish crime scene to a beach bar in Rio? The detectives must piece together a puzzle that spans oceans and continents.

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