My Story: Sepsis Raw & Real – Marguerite Henderson

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In 2018, Marguerite Henderson’s life was good.  She had just finished renovating her home, enjoying adding her own creative touches. She loved to spend time with her friends when she wasn’t working in her full-time job. She was looking forward to a bright future with her family. 

Who would have thought that a small paper-cut on her finger was about to change her life so dramatically?

When Marguerite first noticed the cut, she never gave it a thought.  Gradually she felt more unwell, but it was the swift actions of her family getting her to hospital and the skill of the NHS team that helped save her life. 

Sepsis kills 5 people every hour in the UK and Marguerite is so thankful she wasn’t one of them. 

Here, Marguerite shares her dramatic, emotional story of her fight against sepsis that would ultimately take her limbs but not break her spirit.  Her story is RAW and REAL, with the challenges and heartaches faced as she came to terms with her very different life. 

This is also a story of courage, love and the importance of family and friendship that will fill your heart.  

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