Soul Fool to Soul Full – June Moore


Soul Fool to Soul Full is a journey from head to heart.

My life was spiralling out of control; I was spinning plates, all different ones – money, relationships, work and family. As a drama queen, I reacted to all of what was happening around me and I never stopped to figure out what was happening within me! Sometimes the universe helps us STOP; take time out to go on a new inner journey.

To get out of our head and remember we have this amazing heart that is there to help us experience life in a new way! This soul FOOL began to finally get it, my head was firmly put in its place, and my heart truly guided me to see all my roller coaster of a life as a most amazing soul FULL experience. If you find yourself repeating the same old patterns and are sick of the drama and stress of your life then this book can guide you to change it. Develop a greater understanding, use your heart as your compass and follow your own soul map from birth to now.

Find all the nuggets of gold, even in the darkest moments you have experienced. Let it guide you to your own inner strength and accelerate you through a journey of alchemy to reach your own soul-FULL potential.

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