The Circle Game: Book 1 – Liam Farrell



The Circle Game Book 1 by Liam Farrell is a history-filled cycling tour of the West of Scotland.

Liam Farrell was a smoker, drank more than was good for him and was generally unhealthy. One night in October 1996 he decided that life had to change. That moment set him on the road (literally) to a love of cycling that he now shares with the world.

In this the first book in a series of three, he shows his passion for ‘The Circle Game’. It includes his insights into cycling as a beginner, his love of his native country and its history, all illustrated with beautiful photographs. He writes with humour and candour in a way that will engage not only those passionate about cycling but anyone interested in reading about Scotland and its people.

This is a life-affirming book that will both inspire and entertain.

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