The Power of Positive Connections – Liz Hoskin


Are you unsure how to approach people in new situations?  Is this fear leading to missed opportunities? 

The Power of Positive Connections is an essential guide to encourage you to embrace those opportunities you would have previously missed and inspire a new, fulfilling way of life.  This collection of true short stories is full of easy-to-follow techniques which are proven to have a positive impact on the way you look at life, view yourself and others. 

Be inspired by how Liz Hoskin’s interactions in everyday situations created opportunities to make a
difference in the world.

From teachers to parents, taxi drivers to hotel managers and beyond, learn how to grow meaningful connections with others and see the magic unfold in your life.

“Want to find it easier to connect with people and make the most of life? Every moment you’re with others has the potential to enrich your life and bring joy or comfort to others. That’s what this book will help you do.”

Alisoun Mackenzie, Author of Heartatude

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