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The Secret Mums Club is a guide to breastfeeding for new mums.

Imagine a new super food for new born babies; one which contained natural bacteria to help your baby’s digestive system; decreased their rates of obesity; decreased cancers in mums; provided everything nutritionally that your baby would need in the first six months of life; and it was free. What would you say?

Well, it’s not fiction. It’s true – it’s mum’s milk and you can produce it! Would you like your baby to have the best start in life, milk that no formula can replicate?

Breast feeding is natural but for many mums it doesn’t come naturally. This book will guide you and let you make an informed decision on the way you want to feed your baby. Find out how to:

  • Get breast feeding off to a good start
  • Get 7 hours sleep over the course of a night
  • Take part in the 6 week baby boot camp challenge
  • Have choices and solutions if you encounter a bad feeding day
  • Enjoy those special first few weeks stress free

Donna M Read developed her own stress free approach to breast feeding her babies and has shared it with many other happy mums. Now she will help you unlock the secrets to succeed in giving your baby nature’s very own super food, breast milk. All you need to do is make a commitment to do the best you can and the Secret Mums’ Club will help guide you.

 “I didn’t know I could change my mind and try breast feeding again”

 “My whole family read the book to provide me with support” 

“I didn’t know I could breast feed and still have a glass of wine”

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