The Shadow Ruins – Glen L. Hall


The Shadow Ruins is Book Two of The Last Druid Trilogy

Escaping the battle of Birling Wood, Sam and Emily move deeper into Northumberland, still pursued by dark forces seeking the last Druid, heir of a mysterious order which has protected this world and others for millennia.

But who is the last Druid? And who will find them first?
The Shadow? The Grim-Witch and her horde of crow-men from the Underland? The risen dead? Or the terrifying Shadow Ruins?

‘Glen is a first-class storyteller who weaves myth and legend into a fantasy landscape where the distinction between good and evil, light and dark, is blurred, and where the Shadow Ruins move not just in the physical world,
but also in the edgelands of the mind.

This is a rare book and a must-read for all fantasy lovers.’

Dr David Hamilton, international bestselling author of
The Five Side Effects of Kindness

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