The Wonders of the Black Sea – Audrey Forsyth



“A fascinating picture of this pivotal area touched — in history, and still today — by so many people and events.”

In this the second of Audrey Forsyth’s “Tales of a Grandmother” travel series we are able to take a unique tour visiting cities in countries bordering on this large, but lesser known, inland sea.

From the comfort of your armchair in this book you can experience: the amazing Sumela Monastery in Georgia; the secret dacha of Joseph Stalin in Sochi; visit the Crimea – now off route to tourists – to visit Sevastopol, Chekhov’s Yalta home and the Tsar’s Lavadia Palace, where the Yalta WWll Conference was held.

Other pearls of the Black Sea visited includes beautiful Odessa, Ukraine, historical Constanza, Romania, the old trading city of Nessebur, Bulgaria and finally the Istanbul of Florence Nightingale in Turkey.

Audrey covers it all and gives a human insight into everything that she observes in a way that is absorbing, stimulating and enjoyable whilst also making the reader feel a partner in that journey.

She shares and brings to life her travel experiences and love of history, culture, language, geography, music and people of the countries visited.

Audrey’s Tales are all the more moving when one considers that this and the many other book manuscripts in her Tales of a Grandmother series were completed by her, but not published, in her lifetime.

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