The Toolbox- Judith Te Huia


The Toolbox is a practical guide to destressing

Is your head full of worries? Are you stressed and overwhelmed by day to day life?

Are you exhausted trying to control everything around you?

Just for a minute imagine feeling relaxed and in control.  Imagine feeling happy and at peace with life.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

You might have tried medication but what about meditation?  I know – you don’t have time with your job, the kids, housework, family, bills and everyone wanting a bit of you. You don’t have time for you.

Judith Te Huia, coach, intuitive counsellor and mental wellbeing specialist has helped many women struggle with feeling unworthy.  Don’t allow work, alcohol, food and stress to blot out how you feel any longer.  Join Judith as she takes you on a journey of self-care using grounded tools to find your own inner strength, wisdom and peace.

The Toolbox has practical guides to handle the ups and downs of life that really work:

  • meditation,
  • relaxation techniques,
  • easy ways to change your thoughts
  • visualisation exercises
  • treasure maps
  • and much more

The Toolbox is your guide to living a peaceful, positive and fulfilling life. Start today – you so deserve it.

“I love this book. Judith shares fantastic tools that really work. Her down to earth approach, love and care just ooze from the pages.  Every busy woman needs time out with this book. Buy two copies – your best friend will thank you too.”
Kim Macleod, author of From Heartbreak to Happiness 

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