Why Evil Matters – Alex Tsakiris

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In Why Evil Matters, Alex Tsakiris unravels our misunderstanding about evil and how it robs us of the chance to explore the depths of our spirituality. In a down to earth and sometimes brutally honest way, Why Evil Matters examines how evil is brushed aside by our science-centric culture and how new developments in consciousness research might point to a more meaningful understanding of who we are.

Filled with interviews and analysis with some of the world’s most respected thinkers:

“Maybe we’ve jumped the gun… consciousness looks like it might be much more meaningful.””
Dr. Dean Radin

“Yes, hell exists… it’s created by mental constructs of various kinds.”
David Sunfellow

“if you keep them distracted, addicted, and superficial, they’ll buy, and that’s all we really give a damn about.”
Dr. Richard Grego

“In our culture we ask, how did evil come into the world? In Gnosticism you start with, how did good come into the world?
Miguel Conner

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