The Wonders of Nepal – Audrey Forsyth

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“A wonderful book to appeal to all ages, whether you are planning to travel to Nepal or like to visit from your armchair.”

In the first of Audrey Forsyth’s Tales Of A Grandmother travel series we are able to take a unique tour of the Himalayan country of Nepal.

From the comfort of your armchair you can experience the ancient temples, the cities of Pokhara and Kathmandu, the magnificent mountains. and steamy jungle of the country at the top of the world.

Like a female Michael Palin, Audrey covers it all and gives a human insight into everything that she observes in a way that is absorbing, stimulating and enjoyable whilst also making the reader feel a partner in that journey. 

She shares and brings to life her travel experiences and love of history, culture, language, geography, music  and people of this little-known but beautiful land.

Her visit in 1998 allows us to learn of many of  its listed ancient temples and buildings before a substantial number of these were destroyed in the devastating earthquake which hit Nepal in 2015.  For this alone her book gives a unique insight.

Audrey’s Tales are all the more moving when one considers that this and the many other book manuscripts in her
Tales Of A Grandmother series were completed by her, but not published, in her lifetime. 

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